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Colorado family evicted after rent dispute

All photos by John Moore / Getty Images

Arapahoe County sheriff's deputy Jim Osborn, right, arrives to evict John and Julie Holzhauer from their home on Sept. 15, 2011 in Centennial, Colo. Deputies served a court order to evict the family of five after they had earlier fallen behind in their rent payments. The owner sued for their eviction. John Holzhauer, a home building contractor, said he had lost up to 40% of his business due to the weak economy and continued housing crisis. He said he had paid the owner his outstanding rent balance the week before, except for a $100 dispute. An eviction team removed all their belongings from the house and changed the locks.

An eviction team removes the family's belongings from the home.

An eviction team member removes furniture from the house, including the family’s pet gerbil.

(Left photo) Julie embraces her children after they arrived home from school to find their belongings on the front lawn. (Right photo) Julie consoles her nine-year-old daughter Olivia.

John speaks to a neighbor after being evicted.

Julie stands among her family's possessions that are spread over the front lawn.

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