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Snipers shoot protesters in Yemen

GRAPHIC WARNING: This post contains graphic images which some viewers may find disturbing.

Clashes between protesters and pro-regime forces in Yemen's capital turned deadly today when government snipers started picking off protesters in the crowd.

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Anti-government protesters flee after security forces opened fire to disperse them in Sanaa on Monday.

Monday's killings take to nearly 50 the number of people killed by government forces and snipers since Sunday night. It is the bloodiest assault in months on demonstrators calling for the president's ouster.

Mohammed Huwais / AFP - Getty Images

A Yemeni anti-government protester is rushed into a hospital after he was wounded during clashes with government security forces in Sanaa, Yemen, on Monday, Sept. 19.

Violence re-erupted in the capital on Sunday after a weeks-long stalemate. Twenty-six demonstrators were shot dead.

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Medics carry a defected army soldier who was injured after fighting against security forces in Sanaa Sept. 19. Yemeni security forces killed 20 people, some shot by snipers from rooftops, in a crowd of protesters on Monday demanding the removal of President Saleh.

Victims included a child and at least three soldiers who defected to join the protesters. They said three other protesters were wounded Monday by sniper fire near Sanaa University.

Yahya Arhab / EPA

A Yemeni doctor rushes a wounded child through a field hospital following assaults against protesters by army and security forces loyal to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in Sanaa, Yemen, Monday.

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