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Amazing picture of Seattle, Wash. highlights the seldom seen (non-cloudy) beauty of the Pacific Northwest

I’ve always thought that the best and worst thing about photography is that luck can be such a crucial element in the making of a great picture. You might have the best training, an artful eye and the best equipment money can buy. However, your results can be lacking if you miss the moment or are unlucky enough to be there when the light is bad. The variables that can ruin a photograph are too numerous to count.

But there are moments when it all comes together. You’ve got the right lens. Your camera settings are correct. You’ve found the right angle. The composition is just right, and then the light… Oh, the light.

Seattle area photographer Thatcher Kelley had one of those lucky moments on Sept. 20th while his plane was lining up to land at SeaTac airport just as the sun was rising. Read Thatcher’s description of how the picture came together.

“I was noticing how beautiful of a morning it was, decided to ignore the "turn all electronics off for landing" announcement, and pulled out my camera. As the plane flew over Green Lake I was impressed with the view. I waited for the plane to start turning again so that the wing and jet exhaust wouldn't obstruct the view. I smashed my face against the seat in front of me to get both the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier in the shot without also getting the wing, and snapped away. I have to thank the ever-patient passenger in front of me who probably thought a restless 3 year old was behind her."

See more of Thatcher Kelley’s pictures in his Flickr feed.