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Bad weather delays rappelling down Washington Monument

I'm not usually a big fan of silhouette photos, but the moody sky really makes this one. I'm sure a lot of professional photographers and tourists will be training their cameras on this event tomorrow.  Full story.

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Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

A television cameraman winds up a cable after waiting all day for a crew to rappel from the top of the Washington Monument to conduct inspections to the structure Sept. 27, 2011. After day-long preparations, it was decided to wait for tomorrow to begin the rappelling. The monument was damaged by a 5.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the nation's capital in August.

Engineers scheduled to begin rappelling down the Washington Monument Tuesday may have to wait because of a threat of thunderstorms. NBC's Tom Costello has more.

Katie Francis is one of four specially trained engineers that will sue ropes to rappel down the Washington Monument looking for earthquake damage. She tells NBC what they'll be looking for.