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Silo collapse brings Pennsylvannia community to farmer's aid

It's nice to see how the farm community pulls together when something like this happens.

As the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported:

Just why the Hutter silo collapsed remained something of a mystery. The concrete structure, ringed by steel bands, began to buckle about 3 p.m. Tuesday. At the time, Blaine Hutter's nephew, Aaron Hutter, was working near the top of the structure and managed to get to safety.

The silo came down in stages in what eyewitnesses said was an agonizingly slow process of disintegration. The silo fell completely to earth late Tuesday night, collapsing partially into a barn.

Guy Wathen/Tribune Review via AP

Jackie and Jim Cross, of Connellsville, Pa. stand across the road from a leaning Hutter Farm silo near Kecksburg on Sept. 27. Scores of local farm families pitched in to help the family recover from the collapse of the feed silo the day before.

Sean Stipp/Tribune Review via AP

Volunteers sift through the silage to remove debris after a 80-foot concrete silo that leaned against three others was torn down at the Hutter Farm near Kecksburg, Pa. on Sept. 27.