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Hope for passengers on downed Indonesian plane as wreck is found with door open

The AP reports from MEDAN, Indonesia:

Rescuers trying to reach a plane that crashed in the mountains of western Indonesia said Friday there still may be survivors, after spotting the wreckage intact with one of its doors opened.

Eighteen people were onboard the Spanish-designed CASA C-212 when it lost contact with air traffic control halfway through its 30-minute flight between North Sumatra and Aceh provinces early Thursday.

Rescuers have so far been unable to reach the crash site near the mountainous village of Bahorok because of rugged terrain and torrential rains.

There were no signs of the 14 passengers — four of them children — and four crew members. But it provided rescuers with some hope that there may be survivors inside.

Land rescuers hoped to be able to reach the scene Friday afternoon. Read the full story.