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Chicago Bears finally receive White House honors for winning the 1986 Super Bowl

It is said that every dog has his day. Today, 'Da Bears got theirs. The original presidential recognition didn’t happen because the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded during liftoff just two days after the Bears won the 1986 Super Bowl.

Jason Reed / Reuters

President Obama holds a football jersey given to him by 1985 Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka as Obama honors the Super Bowl-winning Chicago Bears NFL team on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington on Oct. 7, 2011. In 1986, the team's White House reception was cancelled due to the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy.

NBC Sports reports:

President Obama honored the Super Bowl-winning 1985 Bears at the White House today, but one player, Dan Hampton, said he doesn’t like Obama and chose not to attend.

Hampton’s former teammate, Tim Wrightman believes that political differences can be put aside for an occasion like this.

“This is the Bears’ once in a lifetime opportunity that has been given a second chance,” Wrightman wrote in a Facebook message. “Some people don’t realize our initial trip in 1986 was cancelled because of the Challenger space shuttle accident. I think it was a classy thing for Obama to right the misfortune of our team. Besides, the White House is not President Obama’s house it’s the people’s house.”

The 1985 Chicago Bears are honored at the White House, Friday, by President Obama.