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Photographers remember Steve Jobs as a very challenging photo subject

apple.com via Reuters

Apple Inc co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs picture is featured on the front page of the Apple website after his passing in this screen grab October 5, 2011.

The Photo District News blog PDNPulse has a fascinating post about the experience of several photographers shooting Steve Jobs over the years.

The piece tells the story of the iconic photo on Apple's website (above), shot in 2006 by fashion and commercial photographer Albert Watson. Watson shot the picture with film on a 4x5 camera.

“If you look at that shot, you can see the intensity. It was my intention that by looking at him, that you knew this guy was smart,” Watson says, adding, “I heard later that it was his favorite photograph of all time.”

Photojournalist Ed Kashi writes:

“He was one of the most difficult subjects I ever dealt with during my Silicon Valley years but I appreciated his awareness of identity, setting and message of the images. There was one time I had to get a picture with him and Ross Perot and when Jobs acted up Perot turned to him and like a stern parent said ‘Steve, Grow up!!’

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Ed Kashi/VII

Left: Steve Paul Jobs, founder of NeXT Inc. at the company headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. in 1988. Right: Steve Jobs and John Sculley at the Apple Annual Meeting in Hawaii in 1984.

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