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Japanese inventor builds modern-day ark in anticipation of another tsunami

Oh Hyun / Reuters

Cosmo Power Co.'s President Shoji Tanaka stands next to the company's personal flotation device, "Noah," which is designed to survive both an earthquake and the tsunami that might follow, at a port in Hiratsuka, south of Tokyo, on October 3.

Reuters reports from TOKYO:

It's not quite a yellow submarine, since it's destined for travel on top of the water, not under it.

But the round yellow pod, christened "Noah" for the maker of the ark, could mean the difference between life and death in the case of another killer earthquake and tsunami like the one that hit Japan seven months ago, said its inventor, Shoji Tanaka.

"Noah" is about 1.2 meters -- or four feet -- in diameter, with one hatch, one glass window and two holes for drainage and ventilation. It's made out of fiber reinforced plastic, which Tanaka said is lighter but also stronger than steel.

The company said it already has orders for 700 of the four-seater pods, mainly from families, waterfront businesses and fishermen. Read the full story.

Oh Hyun / Reuters

A demonstration of the "Noah" personal flotation device in Hiratsuka on October 3.