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Flash floods and mudslides cause havoc in Italy

Fabio Muzzi / AFP - Getty Images

People try to cross a street as water runs through in Monterosso, one of the villages that make up the Five Lands after overnight floods, Oct. 26.

Riccardo Dalle Luche / EPA

Residents view cars piled up after heavy floods in Aulla, Massa Carrara, Italy, on October 26. At least five people were killed in overnight rains and flooding in Italy's northwestern and central regions of Liguria and Tuscany, officials said.

Fabio Muzzi / AFP - Getty Images

A man walks on mud and debris between broken cars in a street of Monterosso, one of the five villages that make up the Five Lands after overnight floods, on Oct. 26, in the Spezia region. The areas worst hit by the floods in Italy were the Spezia region and the picturesque Five Lands tourist destination.

Luca Zennaro / EPA

A distraught woman surveys the scene of devastation in front of a destroyed house in Brugnato, Liguria, Wednesday, Oct. 26, after torrential rain caused flooding and landslides in Liguria and Tuscany. At least seven people have been reported missing. Phone lines have been brought down and there have been power cuts in some areas.

Heavy rains caused sudden flooding in Liguria and Tuscany in northwest Italy. In the hardest hit area of 'Cinque Terre' (or Five Lands), towns were cut off as roads were washed away. At least nine people were killed and more were still missing. Full story.