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Rounding up Saturn's moons

The Cassini mission to Saturn has done it again, with a beautifully composed picture of Saturn's rings and its moons, captured on Sept. 17 and unveiled this week on the Cassini imaging team's website. Can you spot all four moons? The brightest of the quartet, 698-mile-wide Dione, is front and center. Saturn's biggest moon, 3,200-mile-wide Titan, lurks directly behind Dione and the rings. You should be able to spot 50-mile-wide Pandora, just beyond the rings toward the right side of the image. And the fourth moon? That's 17-mile-wide Pan, a shepherd moon that's embedded in the rings' Encke Gap, to the left of Dione.

Over the past seven years, Cassini has sent back a steady stream of spectacular images from the Saturnian system. Here's just a sampling:

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