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South African youths express frustration with ANC economic inaction

Alexander Joe / AFP - Getty Images

South Africa police stand guard as about 2,000 people demonstrate on Oct. 27, 2011 in downtown Johannesburg to demand jobs, in a protest organized by the militant youth wing of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Protesters were bused in from around the country to support the Youth League leader Julius Malema, who accuses his party's leadership of not doing enough to create jobs in a country with 25.7 percent unemployment.

AP reports

JOHANNESBURG - Young South Africans brought their frustration over poverty and joblessness to the streets Thursday, responding to a call by the tough-talking youth leader of the governing African National Congress who has clashed with older party leaders over economic policy.

Julius Malema led the crowd in chants of "Down with white monopoly capital!" as it approached the Chamber of Mines headquarters.

The Chamber of Mines' chief executive, who is black, accepted a list of demands from the protesters, including nationalization of 60 percent of the country's lucrative mines. Bheki Sibaya later told reporters his industry group wanted to work with Malema to find solutions, including helping pay to educate black South Africans, but rejected the demands of nationalization to address the national economic crisis. Read more…

Alexander Joe / AFP - Getty Images

ANC youth wing leader Julius Malema addresses protesters on Oct. 27, 2011 during a demonstration in downtown Johannesburg.