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Day of the Dead marked in El Salvador, Peru and Guatemala

Oscar Rivera / AFP - Getty Images

Young revellers take part in a parade called "La Calabiuza" in Tonacatepeque, near San Salvador, El Salvador, on November 1. During the celebration, the residents of Tonacatepeque, originally an indigeneus community, recall the characters of the mithology of Cuzcatlan --pre-Columbian west and central regions of El Salvador -- and their dead relatives.

Ernesto Benavides / AFP - Getty Images

Musicians and a balloon vendor walk in the Nueva Esperanza cemetery -- one of the biggest in Latin America -- during All Saints' Day celebrations on the outskirts of Villa Maria del Triunfo, southern Lima, Peru, on November 1.

Rodrigo Abd / AP

A boy flies a kite in the cemetery on Day of the Dead in Zunil, Guatemala, on November 1. Because Mayans believe the dead are allowed to visit their families on earth for one day, family members fly kites to guide their departed relatives to their earthly homes.

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