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Protesters take down fence to Ukrainian Parliament

Evgeniy Maloletka / EPA

Protesters broke a fence in front of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev, Ukraine on Nov. 3, 2011. Hundreds of demonstrators battled security guards at Ukraine's parliament, the Verhovna Rada, as protests widened against planned cuts in state social benefits.

Protests continued to escalate today in Kiev when the demonstrators managed to successfully take down a fence outside Ukraine's parliament. Veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and small business owners were among those voicing their opposition to proposed austerity measures.

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Genya Savilov / AFP - Getty Images

Riot policemen block supporters of different opposition parties in front of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev on November 3, 2011. Over 2,000 protesters, including veterans of the clean-up from the Chernobyl disaster and entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized businesses rallied in Kiev against planned benefit cuts and called for early parliament elections.