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Thailand still strained by flooding, more to come

It feels like the people in Thailand have been dealing with the effects of record-breaking flooding for a very long time. And they have - for around two months, and some of those areas are still underwater.

Floodwaters from Thailand's flood-ravaged central heartland pushed farther into Bangkok on Monday, Associated Press reports. The water slowly advancing through Bangkok's northern and western neighborhoods is threatening the city's subway system, two key industrial estates and the emergency headquarters set up to deal with the flooding that has claimed more than 500 lives nationwide.

Nicolas Asfouri / AFP - Getty Images

People stand on a bus as it drives through the floodwaters in a street in Lat Phrao shopping and business district in Bangkok, on Nov. 7.

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Planes sit on a flooded tarmac at the Don Muang domestic airport in Bangkok, Thailand on Nov. 7. The airport has been closed for weeks.

Saeed Khan / AFP - Getty Images

A mother and child travel inside a plastic tub as flood waters inundated a new residential area in Bangkok on Nov. 7.

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