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Rick Perry blunders during debate

Jeff Kowalsky / EPA

During a televised GOP debate on CNBC, Rick Perry struggles to remember what three government agencies he had promised to shut down if elected president, as Texas Rep. Ron Paul watches. Eight candidates took part in the 'Your Money, Your Vote: The Republican Presidential Debate' at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, on Nov. 9. 2011. Later, Perry admitted he had "stepped in it."

"I sure stepped in it out there," he said, per NBC’s Carrie Dann. "The bottom line is I may have forgotten energy but I haven't forgotten my conservative principles." The campaign also fired off an email to supporters that tried to inject a little humor about the gaffe (“Just goes to show there are too damn many federal agencies”) and asked them what federal agencies they’d like to forget (with a website called forgetmenot@rickperry.org). Watch the video from the debate below:

During Wednesday's debate, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry is unable to remember one of the three government agencies he would eliminate if he were elected to the White House.

"I will tell you, I don't mind saying clearly that I stepped in it last night," he said on TODAY, adding: "I am human like everyone else. I stumbled over that agency."

GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry tells TODAY's Ann Curry that his major stumble in Wednesday night's Republican debate-- where he was unable to remember which government agencies he would abolish -- will not end his presidential bid.

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Perry says the gaffe won't end his presidential campaign. What do you think?