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Vegas 11/11/11 weddings: A marriage license issued every two minutes

Posted Thursday night: Even though Patrick Nonnon and Sunny De Vuyst of Belgium just got off a 10-hour flight from Brussels, it didn't stop them from heading straight from the airport to the Clark County Marriage Bureau in downtown Los Vegas to get their marriage license.  They were among more than a thousand couples getting a license on Thursday night so they could wed on Friday - 11/11/11. 

Jim Seida / msnbc.com

Patrick Nonnon and Sunny De Vuyst, both from Belgium, fill out forms to get their marriage certificate on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011, in Los Vegas, Nev. The couple are getting married on Friday, 11/11/11, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Most couples picked the special date because they believe it's good luck, but Nonnon and De Vuyst have a more personal reason.  "She was adopted on November 11," says Nonnon of his fiance, "So we decided we should celebrate another event on that same day."  The couple have known each other for 20 years and have had two children together.  But why not get married in Belgium?  Why travel all the way to Vegas? "When you live in Europe and you think of Las Vegas, you think quick marriage, easy to do," De Vuyst says, adding, "We decided to come here, without the children, just the both of us."  

Mariah Consiglieri, Clark County Marriage Services Supervisor, thought the number of applicants on Thursday might break the one day record at the Bureau.  "The day before 7/7/7 we did 1,624 (licenses), and right now we're at 1,152, so if we keep up this pace…maybe," she said." Right now we doing about one every two minutes.  We'd love to see it happen.  It'd be great if we could break that record." 

Nonnon and De Vuyst are getting married at the Mandalay Bay Casino.  Leaving the building with their license in hand, Nonnon said, "We didn't want to have the usual wedding, we wanted to do something private."  But with more than 1,000 weddings happening in Las Vegas in a single day that privacy might be hard to come by.

Updated Friday morning: The marriage bureau didn't break the 7/7/7 record, but did issue a whopping 1,427 licenses by day's end.