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Police in Rio de Janeiro prepare to raid city's biggest slum

Felipe Dana / AP

A general view of the Rocinha slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov. 12. Police in Rio de Janeiro are stepping up their presence around the city's biggest slum as they prepare to invade it Sunday as part of a program aimed at securing the Brazilian city for the 2016 Olympics.

How sad that something so lovely from afar can be rife with violence and crime.

Read more about the police raid.

Just two years ago, NBC News producer Karl Bostic reported on a growth in tourism in the Rocinha favela. Watch his report below.

Oct. 4, 2009: With a beauty few cities in the world can match, Rio de Janeiro has always been a natural draw for tourists. But as NBC's Karl Bostic reports, more visitors are looking for the Rio hidden inside its slums.