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Iranian family demonstrates in support of nuclear program

The AP analyses Iranian attitudes to the country's advances in nuclear technology:

There's no doubt Iran carefully stage manages much of its backlash to Western pressures over its nuclear efforts. But not all.

Iran's defiance remains one of the few patches of common ground in a nation with multiple divisions: Hard-liners against opposition groups; power struggles between the ruling clerics and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; infighting among various parliament factions.

"Iranians don't agree on much these days, but you could say the nuclear issue is one where they more or less speak in a common voice," said William O. Beeman, a University of Minnesota professor who follows Iranian affairs.

He said that gave some breathing room to Iran's ruling system.

"That's a big advantage," he said. "They can concentrate on the fight with the U.S. and others and — with this case at least — don't have to deal with internal tensions." Read the full story.

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