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Occupy Wall Street: 'day of action' underway

Justin Lane / EPA

Protestors march up Broadway during a day of action by the Occupy Wall Street movement in the area near the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street in New York on Nov. 17.

Two days after the encampment that sparked the global Occupy protest movement was cleared by authorities, demonstrators marched through New York's financial district Thursday and promised a national day of action with mass gatherings in other cities.

Richard Drew / AP

New York City Police officers prevent protestors from entering Wall Street from the east on Thursday, Nov. 17.

Thursday morning, over 100 protesters blocked access to Wall Street. Though already barricaded by police, NBC's Steve Wende reports protestors blocked the single path that allowed employees to enter.

At one point during the standoff, a NYPD Lieutenant told NBC News' Mara Schiavocampo that a protester pepper sprayed a police officer.

Update at 11:34a.m. EST: WNBC confirms that at least 4 police officers were injured after an unknown liquid was thrown in their faces.

John Minchillo / AP

Spencer Gray, 23, of Brooklyn, speaks to a line of police officers blocking the path of protestors attempting to get near the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, Nov. 17.

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Seth Wenig / AP

An Occupy Wall Street protester yells as he is arrested by police after blocking an intersection near The New York Stock Exchange in New York on Nov. 17.

John Minchillo / AP

Police officers stand with their batons at the ready during a march of Occupy Wall Street protestors on the Financial District in New York on Thursday, Nov. 17.

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