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Protests greet train carrying nuclear waste as it travels from France into Germany

Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

A picture taken with a thermal imaging camera shows police (foreground) guarding the train transporting Castor containers, which carry radioactive nuclear waste, during a stop in Neunkirchen near Saarbruecken, Germany, on November 25.

The AP reports from DANNENBERG, Germany:

Alex Domanski / Reuters

Two police officers measure the radiation of a Castor container on a train during a stop in Neunkirchen on November 25.

Demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at police, setting a vehicle on fire, as skirmishes intensified Friday after a shipment of nuclear waste reprocessed in France crossed into Germany on its way to a controversial storage site.

The clash broke out in the afternoon between about 400 riot police and 300 demonstrators in the woods outside the northern German town of Dannenberg, near the storage facility at Gorleben where the nuclear waste is being transported by train.

Activists in Germany say neither the waste containers nor the Gorleben site, a temporary storage facility, are safe.

The train carrying the annual shipment entered western Germany in the morning after delays in France, where activists damaged railtracks in an attempt to halt the cargo. Read the full story.

Sascha Schuermann / AP

Police try to secure the area where environmental activists attacked a police car near Metzingen, northern Germany, on November 25.

Sascha Schuermann / AP

A group of masked environmental activists dig underneath the railway track in an attempt to halt a train carrying nuclear waste near Metzingen, northern Germany, on Nov. 25.