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Egyptians throng Tahrir Square seeking end of military rule

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

People take part in Friday prayers in Tahrir Square before a mass rally on Nov. 25 in Cairo, Egypt. Thousands of Egyptians are continuing to occupy Tahrir Square ahead of parliamentary elections to be held on Nov. 28.

Manu Brabo / AP

An Egyptian protester with colors of the Egyptian flag and Arabic writing that reads, 'Nov. 19' on his face gestures near Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Nov. 25. Tens of thousands of protesters chanting, "Leave, leave!" filled Cairo's Tahrir Square in a massive demonstration to force Egypt's ruling military council to yield power. The Friday rally is dubbed by organizers as "The Last Chance Million-Man Protest," and comes one day after the military offered an apology for the killing of nearly 40 protesters in clashes on side streets near Tahrir over the last week.

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