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Crowd swells as deadline passes for Occupy LA

Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez / AFP - Getty Images

A protestor from Occupy LA pleads his case while next to police officers in riot gear as the deadline for eviction approaches in Los Angeles, California, on November 27. Hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters in Los Angeles were bracing for eviction from a park near city hall, with some packing up to avoid confrontation and others digging in to resist police.

NBC News, msnbc.com staff and wire services report:

KNBC reported that Los Angeles Police Department was on "city-wide tactical alert" after the early Monday deadline for 'Occupy' movement protesters to vacate their encampment near City Hall expired.

About 1,000 additional demonstrators flooded into the area in defiance of the deadline as the village of hundreds of tents remained standing as it has for nearly two months.

According to KNBC's Angie Crouch, the crowd was the biggest since the protest began in October.

"I've seen some protesters leave the area and if police do decide to move in, the protesters have said they will be ready to be arrested as a sign of civil disobedience," she reported.

Crouch said she has seen some police outside of the encampment, including some in riot gear, but not witnessed any arrests so far. Continue reading.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

People hold up signs as hundreds of Occupy LA protesters hold a rally in the front lawn of Los Angeles City Hall before the midnight deadline by Los Angeles city officials to shut down the encampment on November 27.