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Protesters arrested in Germany during nuclear waste transfer

Christian Charisius / EPA

Protesters try to block the road into Gorleben, Germany, on Monday. The 13th Castor transport with German nuclear waste is on its way to the interim storage facility in Gorleben from the reprocessing plant in France.

Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters

Rail workers stand next to Castor nuclear waste containers (Cask for Storage and Transport of Radioactive material) at an embarking station in Dannenberg south of Hamburg November 28, 2011.The controversial shipment of Castor containers with spent German nuclear fuel from the French reprocessing plant in La Hague will be loaded onto trucks in Dannenberg before its final transportation to the nearby intermediate storage facility in the northern Germany village of Gorleben.

Kay Nietfeld / EPA

Police officers carry away protesters to clear the castor nuclear waste transport route in Gorleben, Germany on Monday. Protesters try to block the entrance way to the interim storage facility.

Carsten Koall / Getty Images

Anti-nuclear activists take part on a sit-in with around thousand other activists on the road the nuclear waste transport is going to use on November 28, 2011 in Gorleben, Germany. The train carrying the Castor containers of processed, spent nuclear fuel started from La Hague in France Wednesday for its journey to the Gorleben temporary nuclear waste storage facility in Germany, and around five thousands of protesters are expected to attempt to blockade the route.

Philpp Guelland / AP

A demonstrator wearing a death mask stands on a field as conatiners with nuclear waste pass by, northern Germany, Monday.

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