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Protesters, police tussle over barricades at Occupy San Francisco site

Stephen Lam / Reuters

Occupy San Francisco demonstrators use police barricades to build a structure in Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco, California on Dec. 1, 2011. Hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters encamped at Justin Herman Plaza braced for eviction on Thursday two days after failing to agree to a city plan for relocating their camp.

Stephen Lam / Reuters

A police officer holds a barricade outside the Federal Reserve Bank after Occupy San Francisco demonstrators were seen cutting zip ties connecting the barricades, on Dec. 1, 2011.

Reuters reports from SAN FRANCISCO:

Stephen Lam / Reuters

Police officers hold the line outside the Federal Reserve Bank on Dec. 1, 2011.

Police erected barricades on Thursday around a San Francisco park where hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters braced for eviction two days after failing to agree to a city plan for relocating their camp.

Occupy San Francisco is believed to be the largest of a dwindling number of West Coast protest settlements aligned with the national movement protesting economic inequality, after a larger group in Los Angeles was evicted earlier in the week.

The purpose of the barricades put up at the plaza was not immediately clear, but most police officers left after they were installed, and a raid there did not seem imminent.

Shortly after police installed the barricades along three sides of the park, protesters bandied together to haul away the fencing from one side as more than a dozen officers stood by watching. Protesters then chanted "Cops go home." Read the full story.

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