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From China with love: $9.3 million pandas arrive in Scotland


Giant panda Yang Guang is seen eating bamboo branches through a hole of a FedEx container at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Sichuan province Dec. 4,.

AP reports:

The pair of pandas, which were given an in-flight meal of bamboo, apples and carrots, will have two weeks to settle at the zoo before going on display to the public. They will be kept in two separate enclosures for a few months until they are ready to be introduced to each other.

The zoo also plans to put four hidden "panda cams" in their enclosures and stream the footage online to attract viewers from around the world.

Britain's last giant panda, Ming Ming, lived in the London Zoo until 1994, when she was returned to China.

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A cargo plane with a picture of a panda prepares to take off with two pandas to be transported to Edinburgh, Scotland, from the airport in Chengdu in southwestern China's Sichuan province, Dec. 4.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Chinese Panda Tian Tian arrives at Edinburgh Airport on Dec. 4, in Edinburgh, Scotland. The eight-year-old pair of giant pandas arrived on a specially chartered flight and will be the first to live in the UK for 17 years. Edinburgh zoo is hopeful that the pandas will give birth to cubs during their 10 year stay in Scotland.