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Virginia man exonerated of sexual assault charges after 27 years in prison

Steve Helber / AP

Thomas Haynesworth, who spent 27 years behind bars, center, gestures during a press conference with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, left, and Shawn Armbrust, of the Mid Atlantic Innocence Project, right, in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011. Haynesworth was exonerated of two 1984 sexual assault convictions.

The Attorney General's face (bottom photo) says it all.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

The Virginia Court of Appeals has granted a writ of actual innocence for Thomas E. Haynesworth, the Richmond man who served 27 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted in a series of rapes in the 1980s.
The vote in the court was split 6-4, with the majority issuing a two-line declaration and the minority issuing a multi-page dissension, said Olga Akselrod, a lawyer for the Innocence Project, which worked for Haynesworth's release from prison and his court rendered exoneration.

Steve Helber / AP

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli gets choked up as he announces the exoneration of Thomas Hanesworth during a press conference in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011.