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Last witnesses: Memories of Pearl Harbor attack

Bill Tiernan / The Virginian-Pilot via AP

William H. Muehleib, 89.

From The Virginian-Pilot:

Nearing the end of a 12-week aircraft maintenance course at Hickam Field in December 1941, Bill Muehleib was looking forward to graduation because it meant his pay would jump from $21 to $72 a month.

The Pearl Harbor attack, however, brought his schooling to an abrupt end.

He had just come off duty at 6 a.m., grabbed breakfast and retreated to his tent when the sky filled with Japanese planes.

"It was like we were looking at something happening to someone else," he says. "It was a frightening experience. Here I am not yet 20, and somebody's trying to kill me."

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Video by Bill Tiernan / The Virginian-Pilot