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Revisiting a powerful image of death and devastation following the attack on Shiite Muslims

New York Times

New York Times front page on Wednesday, Dec. 7., 2011.

There were many gruesome images of the death and devastation from yesterday's suicide bombing on a Shiite Muslim shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan. In our PhotoBlog post on the attack, we made the decision not to publish some of the more gory pictures that depicted dead bodies and people with severed limbs.

The New York Times published one of these pictures today at 4-columns on the front page of their paper. We saw this powerful image yesterday, and chose not to publish it at the time because we thought the dead bodies of children would be too disturbing to our readers. The photographer, Massoud Houssaini, was on the scene when the attack took place and was able to make strong images of people immediately reacting to the devastation. According to Houssaini's Twitter account, he sustained a "small injury on his left hand but its ok now." The image is now included in this post, below the graphic warning.

What are your thoughts about the picture? Should we have published it yesterday?

Massoud Hossaini / AFP - Getty Images

An Afghan Shia Muslim's cries near dead and injured after explosions during a religious ceremony in the center of Kabul on Dec. 6. At least 60 people were killed in an explosion at a Kabul shrine where Shia Muslims were marking the Day of Ashura Tuesday.

NBC’s Atia Abawi reports from Kabul:

A suicide bomber struck a crowd of Shiite worshippers who packed a Kabul, Afghanistan mosque Tuesday to mark a holy day, killing at least 56 people, and a second bombing in another city killed four more Shiites. NBC's Atia Abawi reports from Kabul.

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