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Occupy Boston protesters celebrate as deadline passes without eviction

Charles Krupa / AP

Occupy Boston protestors celebrate in the middle of Atlantic Avenue in Boston, early on Dec. 9, 2011.

The Associated Press reports from BOSTON:

A diminished Occupy Boston encampment held its ground early Friday after police decided not to immediately enforce a midnight deadline Mayor Thomas Menino had set for them to leave a city square.

Two protesters were arrested after police said they moved a tent into a street and refused to move, blocking traffic. But there were no other serious confrontations between the demonstrators and supporters who gathered at the site as the deadline loomed.

Boston police Supt. William Evans told protesters that even though Menino set the deadline, he did not specify when the camp would be shut down.

"We're continuing to work with (the protesters)... and hopefully come to a good conclusion where we don't have any confrontations and there are no arrests," Evans told reporters. Continue reading.

CJ Gunther / EPA

An Occupy Boston protester holds a sign reading 'Even the smallest thorn in the foot can hinder a tall giant' on the edge of the Dewey Square park as some of the protesters packed their belongings and left the area on Dec. 8, 2011.

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