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Verdict renews victims' grief after deadly crash

Andreas Lazarou / AFP - Getty Images

A Cypriot woman is comforted as she mourns during a demonstration outside the Attorney General's office on Thursday, Dec. 22, Nicosia, Cyprus. The woman is grieving for loved ones (pictured in a framed photo) who died in the country's worst air crash, which killed 121 people on board a flight in 2005. Four people and defunct Cyprus discount airline Helios Airways were acquitted of manslaughter.

Reuters reports: Relatives of the 121 passengers who perished in a plane crash six years ago expressed anger Thursday at Cyprus' attorney general, with some demanding he resign for not clinching convictions against four former airline officials on manslaughter charges.

In a majority decision on Wednesday, a criminal court found the defendants not guilty, saying there was no evidence presented during the two-year trial directly linking them to what caused the Helios Airways Boeing 737-300 aircraft to crash on a hillside north of Athens in 2005. Read the full story...