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Kim Jong Un cries as his father's body lies in state


North Korea's new leader Kim Jong-un cries as his father, North Korea's late leader Kim Jong-il, lies in state during the run-up to his funeral in Pyongyang in this Dec. 27, 2011, still image taken from video.

This is the most emotion I have seen Kim Jong Un show since the death of his father, former North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il. I wonder what is going through the new young leader's mind? Surely, he is grieving over the loss of his father, but the "great successor" has also inherited major responsibilities as the new leader of an impoverished country, and with only a few years of experience in politics. According to the Guardian, little is known about Kim Jong Un. He is believed to be in his late 20s, and his father spent the past year grooming him for this role.

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Kcna / Reuters

Lee Hee-ho, widow of former South Korean president Kim Dae-jung, shakes hands with new North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after she paid her respect to North Korea's late leader Kim Jong-il lying in state in Pyongyang in this still image taken from video broadcasted on Dec. 27, 2011. Lee Hee-ho whose husband drew up a now-abandoned policy of engagement with the North led a delegation across the border on Monday. The South Korean group laid wreaths at the mausoleum where Kim Jong-il's body is on display. North Korean media said the footage is said to have been shot on Dec. 26th and was released by state broadcaster KRT the next day.