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Ice Hotel opens in Romania

All photos by Radu Sigheti / Reuters

Tourists walk in the snow outside the Balea Lac Hotel of Ice in the Fagaras Mountains, 184 miles northwest of Bucharest on Dec. 28, 2011. Entirely made of ice, the hotel offers accommodation in 10 double rooms with king size beds, where the temperature hovers around freezing.

The Ice Hotel's website says: The Fagaras Mountains provide a perfect backdrop for the stunning Lake Balea Ice Hotel. Its remote location can be reached only by cable car in the winter making it an exclusive 10-14 room hotel. Set amidst breathtaking scenery the Ice Hotel is rebuilt every year - so no two years are the same.

Dining at the Ice Hotel is a "must do" experience for anyone visiting the Ice Hotel with 2 courses actually serviced on Ice plates. Read more...

A waiter serves dinner inside the hotel.

Tourists visit a room inside the Balea Lac Hotel of Ice. Rooms go for $45.73 per person.