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Chinese netizens criticize train crash report


People line up to buy train tickets at Changsha Railway Station in Changsha, in southern China's Hunan province. Million of Chinese are expected to cramp onto China's train network in the coming weeks to return home for the Chinese lunar new year that starts on Jan. 23, 2012.

Chinese bullet trains are pretty amazing, but how about some online ticket sales?

AP reports:   BEIJING — Chinese Internet users accused the government Thursday of failing to take responsibility for a deadly bullet train crash after it said 54 officials were to blame but none would face criminal charges.

"It looks like they found some scapegoats to fire," said a note posted on the popular Sina Weibo microblogging service.

The government said Wednesday that design flaws and mismanagement caused the July 23 crash that killed 40 people and ignited a public outcry about the high costs and dangers of such prestige projects. It said officials including a former railway minister who had been fired before the crash were to blame and would face reprimands and demotions.


Travelers line up to buy train tickets at a railway station in Hefei, in central China's Anhui province.


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