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Murder victim's body dumped outside primary school in Mexico City


The dead body of a man, wrapped in a blanket, is seen lying near the wall of a private school in the municipality of Ecatepec on the outskirts of Mexico City on Jan. 3, 2012. Neighbors notified the police when they saw the body on the street, according to local media.

The body was found outside a primary school named after William Shakespeare on the northern outskirts of the Mexican capital.

According to a report in El Sol de Toluca, the victim, who had yet to be identified, had gunshot wounds to his head and body. Police sources said that the killers had left a message signed La Familia. The body was taken to the Justice Center in San Cristobal for investigation.

Reuters reports that the drug violence that has raged across Mexico is creeping into its capital city, which had been seen as an oasis of relative peace for several years. Police reported more than 300 gangland killings in the greater Mexico City area in 2011.

La Familia, a bloodthirsty cartel that started in the central state of Michoacan, is now said to be a major player in the capital, alongside the widely-feared Zetas and a criminal cell called Mano con Ojos - or Hand With Eyes. Read more.

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Mexico's drug war is also part of a drug culture with roots in music, movies and even religion.