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Michelle Bachmann suspends campaign after poor showing in Iowa

Andrew A. Nelles / Zuma file

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) ended her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination after winning just 5 percent of the votes in the Iowa caucuses.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

A look at the political life of the third-term Minnesota congresswoman who's running for the GOP nomination.

Msnbc.com and wire reports: Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has suspended her campaign for the White House.

"I have decided to stand aside," she told a room of supporters and reporters in Iowa. Bachmann said she leaves the race knowing the campaign was run "with integrity." She said now, the country needs to "stand united behind the person our party chooses to be the standard bearer."

Meanwhile AP reports Mitt Romney accepted an endorsement from Arizona Sen. John McCain.

After a sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann ends her bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Watch her entire statement.