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Ron Paul works the crowd in New Hampshire

Photos by Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Presidential candidate Ron Paul shakes hands with supporters after a rally in Nashua, N.H. on Jan. 6, 2012.

Orlin Wagner / AP

A physician and twelve-term congressman from Texas, the libertarian maverick has launched his third campaign for the office of president.

The Associated Press reports that Republican Ron Paul had his son verbally attack Rick Santorum, advancing a trend of using candidate family members as presidential campaign surrogates.

Rand Paul was the surprise guest at his father's kickoff event in New Hampshire Friday. The Kentucky senator complained about excess spending by both parties in Washington and noted that "a guy who did pretty well in Iowa" with the initials "RS" had voted to support the Department of Education and foreign aid while in the Senate.


Meanwhile, KRNV and MyNews4.com are reporting that Ron Paul has picked up the backing of the famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

“He knows what women's wants and women's needs are. And when it comes to a man that's going to be in the office, you want a man that knows his way around a woman,” Worker Ara Rose said.

The brothel is doing more than just endorsing; they're also fundraising for the Paul campaign by asking patrons for donations on their way out.

People listen to Ron Paul during the rally in Nashua.