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Mount Rainier National Park reopens to the public

Elaine Thompson / AP

Mount Rainier National Park Ranger Matt Chalup turns around the sign to read "open" at the Nisqually entrance Saturday morning, Jan. 7, near Ashford, Wash. The park opened for the first time since the shooting death of Ranger Margaret Anderson on Jan. 1. A memorial service for Anderson will be Tuesday, Jan. 10, in Tacoma, Wash.

AP reports:

Saturday's somber reopening will be followed with a candle light vigil in nearby Eatonville on Sunday for Margaret Anderson, who was killed by 24-year-old Benjamin Colton Barnes.

Authorities say Barnes fled to the park after a shooting the night before left four injured. He drove his vehicle through a check point and when Anderson tried to stop him, he sprayed her vehicle with bullets.

Full story: Mount Rainier reopens after fatal ranger shooting

Elaine Thompson / AP

Mount Rainier National Park rangers stand at a memorial for Ranger Margaret Anderson at the Nisqually entrance as they wait for the park to open Saturday, Jan. 7, near Ashford, Wash.