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Leopard scalps man during deadly attack in India

Manas Paran / The Sunday Indian via AP

A wild full grown leopard scalps the head of a man as it attacks after wandering into a residential neighborhood in Gauhati, India, Jan. 7. The leopard ventured into a crowded area, killing one and injuring four others before it was captured and caged.

Manas Paran / AP

A man looks to a bystander after he was attacked by a wild leopard in a residential neighborhood in Gauhati, in the northern state of Assam, India, on Saturday, Jan. 7.

A wild leopard attacked five people on a three-hour rampage in the eastern Indian city of Guwahati, killing one man before being tranquilized by authorities.

Residents told AP the leopard attacked a 50-year-old lawyer as he talked on his cellphone. He was rushed to a hospital where he died Sunday.

Witnesses told the Calcutta Telegraph that unruly crowds cornered and threatened the leopard, which may have provoked it.

Manas Paran, a local newspaper photographer, recounted the attack. After mauling a cook (who had part of his scalp torn off, seen in these pictures), the leopard jumped walls and wandered to other homes in the crowded neighborhood. At one point Paran saw a man chasing the leopard with a metal rod. Despite his warnings, the man continued and then the leopard attacked.

“I was worried that it would turn on me. My heart was thumping and hands were shaking; I was terrified,” Paran told the Telegraph.

Wildlife officials eventually tranquilized the leopard and planned to release it at a wildlife park 120 miles west of the city home to around 1 million.

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