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Prudential Building in Houston is imploded

A 20-story building that has been a Houston landmark since 1952 comes tumbling down when more than 1,200 explosives were used to implode the aging building. Msnbc.com's Dara Brown reports.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“In its glory days it was an impressive building, but it was time for it to come down,” said Sarah Watson, a spokeswoman for MD Anderson.

The aging foundation made the building costly to maintain. The structure was also sinking and had asbestos, officials said.

Houston Chronicle story and video: Prudential Building in Houston destroyed in 17 seconds

Nick de la Torre / Houston Chronicle via AP

MD Anderson's Houston Main Building is imploded Jan. 8, in Houston, Texas. Opened in 1952, the 20-story building was the regional headquarters for Prudential Insurance Company. Prudential sold the building in 1975.