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No pants? No problem. Subway riders in a number of cities around the globe drop trou

Timothy A. Clary / AFP - Getty Images

Some riders wait for the subway in their underwear as they take part in the 2012 'No Pants Subway Ride', Jan. 8. Started by Improv Everywhere, the goal is for riders to get on the subway train dressed in normal winter clothes (without pants) and keep a straight face.

From the New York Daily News:

To maintain the surreal atmosphere, the pantsless commuters were instructed to chat, read and listen to music like they normally would have if clothed.

Full story: No Pants Subway Ride hits New York City for 11th year

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Participants in a 'No Trousers Day' flashmob ride the London Underground transit system with other tube passengers in London, England, Jan. 8. About 150 people divided into groups and stripped to their underwear, as part of an annual social media-driven event held in several cities worldwide.

Marco Ugarte / AP

Participants in 'A Day Without Pants' event, ride the subway in Mexico City, Jan. 8. The event was organized by Flashmob Mexico.