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Through the porthole: Views from an Antarctic journey

Dean Lewins / EPA

The Aurora Australis navigates its way through pack ice and small icebergs in Antarctic waters in the Southern Ocean on Jan. 10, 2012. The Aurora Australis is heading to Commonwealth Bay where the Australian Antarctic Division will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Australian explorer Douglas Mawson's landing.

Dean Lewins / EPA

A Black-browed Albatross flying close to the ship.

Dean Lewins / EPA

Adelie penguins take refuge on an ice floe as the ship passes.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Aurora Australis is encountering difficult weather conditions but the captain still hopes to make landfall at Commonwealth Bay on Thursday or Friday, almost exactly 100 years after Douglas Mawson and his crew spent their first night ashore there.

You can keep track of the expedition with the ship's webcam.

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