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Iowa's Gov. Branstad faces chanting protesters after delivering his Conditions of the State address

Charlie Neibergall / AP

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, center right, walks back to his office amid chanting protesters after delivering his Conditions of the State address before a joint session of the Iowa Legislature, Jan. 10, 2012, at the Statehouse in Des Moines, Iowa.

The DesMoines Register reported on Tuesday that the Governor Terry Branstad spoke to a joint session of the Iowa House and Senate for his annual Condition of the State address at the Iowa Capitol. His 2012 legislative program focuses on reducing commercial property taxes, creating high-quality jobs, developing a “supply chain cluster” of factories around major employers like Deere & Co. in Waterloo, and retaining Iowa businesses and careers.

The governor said the state has its finances “back in order” as a result of the 2011 legislative session. He praised state legislators for ending a dependency on one-time revenue, such as federal funds, and for paying for a balanced budget using ongoing revenue. In addition, he said the state has a two-year budget for most areas of state spending.

However, the Registers’s Jason Chalworth reported that some citizens were turned away from the House chambers and balconies during Gov. Terry Branstad’s Condition of the State speech.

There were Occupy-related protesters at the Capitol, some chanting loudly outside the chambers immediately before and after the speech. There were no interruptions to the speech.