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Mudslide kills more than a dozen people in Jamapara, Brazil

Photos by Victor R. Caivano / AP

A firefighter takes a dog downhill at the site of a mudslide to search for missing people in Jamapara, Brazil on Jan. 10, 2012.

Rescue personnel recover the body of a mudslide victim in Jamapara on Tuesday.

The Associated Press reports a mudslide caused by two days of rain has killed at least 13 people in a small town in southeastern Brazil, and another 11 are listed as missing, the head of the Rio de Janeiro state civil defense department said Tuesday.

Sergio Simoes told CBN radio that five bodies were pulled from beneath tons of mud and debris on Tuesday, bringing the death toll in the Jamapara district of Sapucaia city to 13. Eight bodies were found on Monday.

Antonio Marcos Silva dos Reis said he lost several friends in the mudslide. He said it "sounded like a huge explosion when it happened."