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Cruise ship runs aground off Italy; deaths reported

Peter Honvehlmann / EPA

Passengers are seen in a rescue boat of the stranded cruise ship Costa Concordia near the island of Giglio, Italy, on Saturday.

Giorgio Fanciulli, Giglionews.it via AP

The Costa Concordia listing after running aground off the coast of Italy late Friday.

Peter Honvehlmann / EPA

Rescue boats of the stranded cruise ship Costa Concordia arrive in the harbor of the island of Giglio, Italy on Saturday.

msnbc.com staff reports: A cruise ship with up to 4,000 people on board ran aground on the island of Giglio, off the Tuscan coast, on Friday night, and UK media reported that at least two people died.

The Telegraph said some passengers jumped from the steeply listing Costa Concordia and swam a short distance to the island. A photo in the Telegraph showed the brightly lit ship teetering just outside a harbor wall.

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