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Breast milk courier helps Indonesian moms cope

Beawiharta / Reuters

Lenny Rukiya Tampubolon stands in front of her office as she gives a bottle of her breast milk to Rudy, a breast milk motorbike courier, before he delivers the milk to her son at her home in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Jan. 18, 2012.

Reuters reports from JAKARTA on the breast milk motorbike couriers helping new moms to balance their home and work lives:

The service was launched in 2010 by Fikri Nauval, owner of a cargo and document shipping business, who said he was inspired by his wife's using one of his motorcycle riders to send her breast milk home to their baby after she had to return to work. 

He charges 30,000 to 40,000 rupiah ($3.30 to $4.40) a trip, keeping track of traffic conditions and the best routes for drivers to take using a GPS map on a computer. Read the full story.

Beawiharta / Reuters

A courier holds a bottle of breast milk as he arrives at Lenny Rukiya Tampubolon's house in Jakarta, where he is greeted by Lenny's babysitter and son.

Beawiharta / Reuters

Lenny's babysitter feeds her son Abraham Pratama Prasetyo after the delivery.

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