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Republican candidates campaign in Florida prior to debate

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul drive down USF Holly Drive before the GOP presidential debate sponsored by NBC News at the University of South Florida in Tampa on Jan. 23. The debate is the first of two before the Florida primaries on Jan. 31.

Republican presidential candidates are focused on Florida, which hosts a primary closed to Republican voters only on Jan. 31. The first of two debates occurs tonight and can be watched live on msnbc.com.

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP - Getty Images

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney holds a round table on housing issues in Tampa on Jan. 23.

Steve Nesius / Reuters

Volunteer Kevin Sasker hangs posters for Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich during a campaign rally in Tampa on Jan. 23.

Octavian Cantilli / Reuters

Presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum gets hit with glitter by two unidentified members of the crowd at a town hall meeting at the American Legion Hall in Lady Lake, Fla., on Jan. 23.

LIVE VIDEO — NBC's Brian Williams moderates a debate between 2012 Republican presidential candidates from Tampa, Fla.