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Cargo ship crashes into bridge, removing a section of it

Tina Carroll / AP

A cargo ship named The Delta Mariner pauses in the water after colliding with a southwestern Kentucky bridge that partially collapsed when it was struck Friday, Jan. 27, 2012, near Aurora, Ky. The ship was traveling upriver toward the Kentucky Lock and Dam when it hit the aging steel bridge, which was built in the 1930s and handles about 2,800 vehicles a day.

Tina Carroll / AP

The Delta Mariner pauses in the water.


Aerial photo of the The Delta Mariner, an ocean freight vessel as it sits under the collapsed 200-foot segment of the Eggner's Ferry Bridge over Kentucky Lake, Jan. 27, 2012. The Delta Mariner struck the main span of the Eggner Ferry Bridge on Thursday evening at U.S. Highway 68 and Kentucky Highway 80.

The full story reported by AP includes a description by a motorist who was on the bridge at the time:

"All of a sudden I see the road's gone and I hit the brakes," he said. "It got close."

Parker said he stopped his pickup within five feet of the missing section. Two cars behind him stopped on his bumper and he saw another car on the other side of the missing section stopped.