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Romanians dig out from under a huge snowfall

Bogdan Cristel / Reuters

Petre Andrei, 56, shovels the snow covering his car in Movilita, 45 km (28 miles) northeast of Bucharest, January 27, 2012. Romania has drafted in the army to rescue hundreds of travellers stranded by blizzards that dumped up to a metre of snow in 24 hours, derailing a train and forcing authorities to shut down motorways and ports and cancel flights. Police and ambulance crews had rescued 1,300 people by Thursday but another 900 were still stuck in their cars, a spokesman from Romania's emergency services said. Authorities have banned traffic on Romania's only two motorways until weather improves.

Robert Ghement / EPA

A Romanian young man struggles with snowdrifts, as big as his house, in order to make access ways around his hous due to the recent heavy snowfall, in the affected village of Movilita, 45 Km north-east from Bucharest, Romania, 27 January 2012. Four people froze to death in Romania, as a snowstorm descended on the central Balkans, disrupting traffic, power lines and schools, according to local media reports 26 January. Snowdrifts in north Bulgaria and south Romania reached 3 metres high in places as the storm entered its second day, forcing several municipalities to declare a state of emergency.

AP reports power outages in the region:

Authorities said 40 towns and villages in southern Romania suffered power outages. In neighboring Bulgaria more than 100 communities were left without electricity, while traffic was snarled in many areas.

Bulgaria's main Black Sea port of Varna was closed for traffic due to windstorms and heavy snowfall, port officials said. The heavy snow forced authorities to close several mountain passes as well as many schools.

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