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Waiting for Ron Paul in Colorado

Bryan Oller / AP

Cameron Turnnidge, 3, of Canon City, Colo., looks past a election sign just before Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul speaks at a campaign rally at the Colorado Springs Airport.

Orlin Wagner / AP

A physician and twelve-term congressman from Texas, the libertarian maverick has launched his third campaign for the office of president.

As voters went to the polls in Florida, presidential candidate Ron Paul shifted his campaign to Colorado. 

Paul spoke to more than 1,000 supporters in Fort Collins, many of them students at Colorado State University, and focused on his bedrock issues: cutting spending and upholding the Constitution.

"All we have to do is return to our constitutional form of government, and we can get out of this mess in no time," said Paul, garnering loud cheers for a blast at U.S. foreign policy. "We need to keep America safe, but not to be the policeman of the world."

-- The Associated Press contributed to this post

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